• Zoe

I have practised yoga for a number of years but have sometimes suffered from lower back pain as a result. Julia was clear she would focus on practising postures with me that would strengthen but not strain my back. I have practiced the postures she taught me between two and four times a week since we started and I’ve found my back feels more flexible and strong. So much so, I will continue to incorporate her teachings into my yoga practice. 

I have been to numerous classes that involve yoga breathing techniques, but I‘ve never felt I’ve properly mastered it. Julia’s demonstration and guidance was very clear. The breathing techniques she taught me have proved invaluable, not only in my practice of yoga and Pilates, but also to relieve the stress I have felt during recent unfortunate events such as the break up of a relationship and a bereavement. 

Following my first session with Julia, I tore a ligament in my ankle. This meant that she had to take the time and care to readjust my therapy postures, allowing for the new limited range of movement in my foot and lower leg. She also incorporated some exercises to help rehabilitate my ankle, which have been very useful in keeping it supple during the healing process.

In summary, Julia’s clear guidance meant I could finally master yoga breathing techniques and new postures with ease, which will prove invaluable for my continuing yoga practice and in everyday life. She was sensitive to how I felt both physically and emotionally throughout our sessions and always adjusted their content so that I was comfortable.

Zoë, Medical writer