Yoga for all

I like to teach small classes so I can be confident that all the people in the class are practising yoga safely and getting the most out of every posture. It may be that all you need is a block in the right place or a bolster behind your back to experience the full effect and benefits of the posture.

I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and I still regularly attend workshops to keep expanding my knowledge. My natural urge to make people feel comfortable has led me to incorporate elements of yoga therapy in my teaching. I have trained with respected and experienced teachers who have introduced me to techniques and postures that can alleviate discomfort and promote strength.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over fifteen years. A yoga class can make a big difference to how you feel. It can refresh and ground you, stimulate you or encourage calm. It all depends on how you feel at the time and where the journey of the postures you follow during the class leads you. 

The balance of different practices depends on the prevailing mood of my students. If you are worn out and need to relax then I have a selection of restorative postures to call upon. If you are in full energetic swing then we can do strong, standing postures with dynamic sequences. If you are stiff from other athletic pursuits or just generally inflexible we can use long, supported holds to get deep into the joints.

Yoga can help you experience your body in a more positive and relaxed way. It can help you understand and be empowered by the unique capabilities of your physique. When you practice yoga you embark on a journey that combines physical movements with breathing, to promote suppleness and strength in your body and a more positive approach in your mind.

Students suffering from back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue or diabetes have said that they benefit from yoga. All the postures I use are designed to bring space to your joints, stretch muscles and stimulate your organs. They are established with the help of fluid breathing that will oxygenate your blood and energise your body. This use of regular breathing also helps to focus your mind and bring a sense of tranquillity.

When I’m working with new students I like to enter into a dialogue. If I’m going to bring a sense of progression to your yoga, I will need to understand your body and how each posture feels for you. Sometimes communication is useful and at other times you’ll need silence. Some students feel that ambient music is relaxing and some prefer the peace of complete quiet.

We are all individuals and one size cannot fit all. Your uniqueness is my lesson to learn.


"I can highly recommend Julia as a teacher of yoga – a superb teacher in every way ..."

"the lessons have an atmosphere that is pleasantly informal and leaves me feeling so much better ..."

"I have been to numerous classes that involve yoga breathing techniques, but never felt I’ve properly mastered it. Julia’s demonstration and guidance was very clear. The breathing techniques she taught me have proved invaluable ..."

“I always enjoy the variety of the classes as Julia makes an effort not to slip into routine sequences ... stimulating yet safe classes ..."

“Julia’s yoga class is the only formal exercise I have ever really enjoyed and I have been going along twice a week for the past three years ..."

"Julia is clear and calm, patient with the less flexible while challenging those who want or need to be stretched a little more.  I have been in her class for five years, and hope to be for many more ..."